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Instant Issue Debit Card


What's in a name? In this case, a whole lot. Our Instant Issue Debit Card is in your hands and ready to use in no time. Use it like a credit card to purchase items and services from any retail outlet or online.

No monthly payments or late fees to worry about–funds are automatically deducted from your account. Plus, your Instant Issue Debit Card can get cash from any ATM, anytime. It's everything you need right now!


Protecting you from unauthorized use of your debit card is one of our top priorities at State Bank of Waterloo. To mitigate fraud, we have partnered with SHAZAM, our electronic funds transfer network, to implement a monitoring system called SHAZAM Falcon, to help guard your debit card against fraudulent activity. If suspicious activity is detected on your debit card, you will be contacted by the Bank, or a SHAZAM fraud specialist calling on our behalf, to verify if the transactions in question.

If you believe a transaction has been denied due to suspected fraud after normal business hours, you may call the SHAZAM Fraud department for assistance, 866-508-2693.