SMS/text Commands: Text commands to 39257

Action DesiredCommandCommand Definition
EnrollmentENROLL SBWEnrollment request initiated from end user's device
Balance (Per Acct)BAL xxxx BAL LAST FOUR DIGITS OF ACCOUNT (BAL 3465) or BAL pseudo name (BAL ck1)
Balance (ALL)BALBalances for all enrolled accounts
History (Per Acct)HIST xxxxHIST LAST FOUR DIGITS OF ACCOUNT (HIST 3465) or HIST pseudo name (HIST ck1)
History (ALL)HISTHistory (Last 5) for all enrolled accounts
TransferXFERXFER From Acct To Acct Amount (XFER sav ck1 5.00)
HelpHELPReturns all available commands
SuspendSTOPStops service for the enrolled user. User cannot receive account information
Commands are not case sensitive.