Best Practice Security Recommendations

State Bank of Waterloo's Mobile Banking is secure. Your account information is not stored on your mobile device. All of the security features from Online Banking are in place to safeguard your privacy and protect your account information:

  • Username and Password
  • Security Questions
  • Encryption

Best Practice Security Recommendations:

State Bank of Waterloo recommends that you,

  • Keep your mobile device's operating system up to date
  • Install antivirus-antimalware software for internet browsing on your mobile device, if available
  • Logout after each Mobile Banking session
  • Set up email and/or text alerts to monitor account balances
  • Do not use public Wi Fi for mobile or internet banking
  • Keep your apps up to date
  • Download apps only from trusted store and/or markets
  • Use the device's auto lockout feature with password
  • Do not allow your mobile device to remember your login credentials
  • Never send full account number or other sensitive information via text message or email
  • Delete all text messages from your phone after viewing